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Over the years I had a huge number of emails from really nice people who seem happy enough with the suggestions on these pages but then cheerfully admit they haven't actually put any of the advice into action.

Sometimes these people have been depressed on and off for years, so I would suggest that the 'Oh I'll get round to it' attitude hasn't worked for them very well so far. It took two years of research, trial and error to collect and fine tune these ideas and most of them are easier than falling off a log... so at the very least how about getting the book? (To view this item, click here) so that you have somethign tangible to dip into? It involves the minimum of effort and you will thank yourself in the months to come that you started this journey to a new life. Do you really want to kick depression into touch? If something involves no real effort, why haven't you tried it?
Nag nag nag.


Self Hypnosis.

This takes practice and you will NEED to get a book or hunt around the net. Hypnosis for Beginners by William Hewitt is pretty good.
Firstly pick an objective or goal, preferably something that can be measured, like how long you go in the morning without a cigarette. But as importantly this may be a very good option for improving self esteem or reducing anxiety.
You must not fall asleep - after all you are effectively talking to yourself, so no nodding off. You are trying to get very relaxed and suggestible. Here's a simple example of what to say to yourself once comfortable...

'I am in a lift. The lift is on the ground floor. Soon the left will drop gently down to below ground to level one. When it drops gently down to level one I will feel more and more relaxed. It is now dropping down to level one, as it drops down I am feeling more and more relaxed. I am going deeper and deeper. I am now feeling more and more relaxed.' Repeat for level two, then level three and so on.

When you are deeply relaxed you will then repeat your short mantra to yourself. 'I am happier without cigarettes' for example.

Or once you might say to yourself, 'I am so deeply relaxed... that my mind has become sensitive... so receptive to everything I say... every day I will become more alert... more wide wake... I will become much less easily tired... much less fatigued... much less discouraged. Every day I will become so deeply interested in what I am doing... so deeply interested in whatever is going on... that my mind is much less preoccupied with myself... every day my mind will become calmer and clearer...'

Yes there's more to it than this but start practising this until your book arrives.

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