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It's Day Four of The Rest Of Your Life and here's a thought I don't mind repeating...

The reason depression is so prevalent is that it saps you of the energy to pursue the cure. Recognise that this is how depression works. Enjoy fighting back.


Acupuncture. There was some research by London University where they took blood samples from patients before and after acupuncture and they discovered that acupuncture had stimulated the body to release a number of helpful hormones and chemicals. They are similar to the hormones released during exercise and make you feel good. It's worth looking into. You might have some other ailment you might want to tackle with acupuncture: why not book yourself in for that? Research shows that the same hormones get released wherever you stick the needles. Go figure.

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This website contains over fifty proven cures and aids to help depression and it will completely change your life. If you let it. They are all proven to be effective, they are all small changes that we can incorporate into our lives and therefore, frankly, we have no excuse whatever for not giving them a try.