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In the 90s there was some research where they got students to keep diaries. Half of them had to then read last year’s diary every day, and half had to spend the same amount of time planning future activities. Guess who was happier? Yes, the people who made plans were happier. Far far far happier. The people who were forced to dwell on the past became more depressed. Depression itself has a tendency to make you dwell on the past. It’s a vicious circle.


Get a piece of paper and make some plans. Plans to hook up with friends. Plans for a holiday. Plans to reorganise your furniture. Who cares? But the plans should be positive or fun. One very good idea is to list five things you want to do in the next twelve months: then carry the list with you everywhere you go.

Keep reading... you can do this... you owe it to yourself to at least read this one page and then perhaps choose some ideas that will make a difference to your life today...

Incidentally: all these bright ideas haven't simply come off the top of my head; they are the result of a major study which I will tell you about when a I get a moment.

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