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Day Three on our scatter gun approach to attacking depression on every single level at once.

Here's a thought. We can all get quite good at indulging the side of ourselves that wants to be depressed. Do we spend an equal amount of time indulging the side of ourselves that wants to be happy?


Be countercyclical. Here's what I mean. In December everyone has the bright idea of throwing a party or inviting you round for drinks. But what about January? The phone doesn't even ring. When does everyone need cheering up? When could we do with a party? January and February. Throw a party then.

Here's another example. I hate camping, but the kids insisted one year. Bizarrely I quite enjoyed it and THEY hated it. But what I resented was queuing up with a bowl waiting for my chance to do the washing up, and showering in draughty showers with dirty puddles on the floor. So? I did my washing up at two in the morning when there was no queue, and I had my shower just after they cleaned out the shower block, which turned out to be three in the afternoon.

How might this concept be useful? You might hate crowded shops on a Saturday morning. Why not take some of the less popular shifts at your work so that you have Tuesday mornings off instead. Or perhaps you hate Mondays: why not choose that day to hook up with your friends for lunch. Or Sunday evenings to see relatives instead of Sunday lunch? Rethink your week a bit, rethink your calendar a bit. The aim is to rethink the low spots in the week or year.


Have you checked out Authentic Happiness yet? It is free. (I have no vested interest in their products etc) This is the work of some of the very top psychiatrists in America, and among other things they are trying to explore why happy people are happy and what we can learn from them. One of their best ideas is that we all have core strengths and if we can shape our life to be a bit more true to our core strengths then we will be happier. For example if you are a solitary person you are better off being a lighthouse keeper than a teacher. You can take their simple test to find out your core strengths. (Apparently I personally am not very spiritual but I am a learner and a loving person. I just thought I'd share.)

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